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Frequently Asked Questions About People Search

What Is a People Search Report?

A People Search Report is a comprehensive information report generated by a People Search Tool providing details such as current and past employment records, relatives and associates, date of birth, nicknames or aliases, and more.

What Can a People Search Reveal?

A People Search can reveal a wealth of information, including hidden internet activity, unindexed public records (such as criminal history and arrests), financial records and assets, and more.

What kind of information might appear during a People Search?

Most People Search reports include complete personal and contact information, social media profiles, data breaches (including leaked or compromised records), identity and user ID records, property and business data, financial data, and much more.

Are There Restrictions on People Searches?

People Search collects only publicly available information and is not a consumer reporting agency. Our People Search reports cannot be used for determining eligibility for employment, tenant screening, credit, or insurance purposes.

People Search

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